Stage 2 : it’s still hot 

On Friday night we spent hours figuring out what went where, the scales were out, and everything perfectly balanced at the end. This morning, did we remember? Nope. We got up at 5:30, hoping to be on the road at the first glimpse of sun; however, it really helps if you know where everything goes. We spent the next hour trying to figure out how to pack everything and finally left around 7:30. 

Highlight of the day: descending into Borrego Springs. It was about 10 miles with the desert opening up after each switchback. 

Total mileage: 38

Total ascent: 1,814

Average temp: 90 (highest 110)

Currently poolside waiting for our room (it’s still 109)

Note: a few beers have been added to this photo since it was taken 

4 thoughts on “Stage 2 : it’s still hot 

  1. Love your Tour ‘re Sandoval commentary and so fun to follow you! You 2 look may be hot but you sure look cool!!

  2. Date shake: good.
    IPA: better
    White Russian: best.
    Hey, there’s a beverage here, man!
    By the way, are you in a motel room? Nice!

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