Day 9 : sunrises & surprises 

After our lovely rest day, we started our59 mile ride from Prescott to Sedona around 5:30am. We saw a beautiful sunrise on the bike, again, and had a fun send-off with Jessie and Eddie. (Yes, they managed to get up that early – they were waiting on us!)

We rode along the most beautiful granite with perfect lighting!

​Then Sergio got two flats (and a third at the hotel)

Suddenly a car pulls up, honking like crazy, and had the BEST sign out the window 

We are so thankful to have the best friends (especially Jessie and Eddie)!

After riding over Mingus pass, we descended 4K over 12 miles. 


After descending we were back in the heat! Finally we reached Sedona & SURPRISE our dog, Pepper, was at check-in waiting for us (with clean clothes). Winona’s mom and Chuck was there too!

We celebrated with Italian food and good wine! 

One thought on “Day 9 : sunrises & surprises 

  1. This is like an endless series of parties, with long days at the gym in between! We’ll see who your real friends are when you’re in Missouri.

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