Day 74 & 75 : mainely broken and mainely DONE

Day 74

We didn’t ride Monday, after our ‘too fun’ weekend, so we planned to ride the remaining 100 miles on Tuesday, Day 74. We left the house at 5am to drive to our spot in Damariscotta; however it was pouring rain. Nanci insisted it was a ‘little’ drizzle. Off we went, on our cold and rainy ride. In the first 7 miles Sergio shifted down to get up this hill and BAM – parts go everywhere! His rear derailleur breaks and we can no longer ride. Winona called Nanci for a pick up since there aren’t any Uber’s around. 

$300 and 6 driving around hours later we fixed the bike and it’s back in business. We did enjoy a beautiful sunset at the house!

Day 75 – FINITO

THE final day! We left at 5am again and drove to our spot which was at Dow furniture in Damariscotta. It was cold and we had a 15mph headwind for the rest of the day. 

A long day with 94 miles on the to-do list, we rode up and down and up and down. In total we climbed 5,794. Lunch at a cafe to warm up. As the day went on traffic started to intensify. 

When we rolled into Ellsworth Winona decided to add another 600ft in elevation gain in 0.7 miles to divert from the traffic. 

As we pulled into Trenton Nanci and company were there to cheer us on for our final 11 miles to the Bar Harbor Pier. 
At the Pier we kissed and celebrated! We did it – we bicycled across the US!

Lobster and beer for dinner, champagne for dessert. More pictures and stats to follow in the next few days. THE ULTIMATE CHEERS!

12 thoughts on “Day 74 & 75 : mainely broken and mainely DONE

  1. Round trip to SFO, multiple nuptials, hangover, heavy rain, 5000′ of hills, busted bicycle, $300 repair, no Ubers — man, NOTHING stops you guys! Congratulations on a successful honeymoon! May it never end!

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. Sandoval, you both are incredible 🎉 So proud of you! Such an amazing journey & honeymoon! 🍾🎉🚲🙌🏽

  3. Wait, what, its over? Now what are we going to follow every day?! Super proud of you both, what an awesome team you are and will be for life. CONGRATULATIONS!! What an incredible achievement! When does your book come out?

  4. What an accomplishment. Congratulations to the both of you. You deserve a few weeks of rest and relaxation after so much exercise. I very much enjoyed taking the ride with you in photos. God speed.

  5. Congratulations from Debbie & James (the couple you shared a patio table with in Gallluup NM). Very happy for you both… well done!

  6. Zowee; you two are stars. I gotta say that following your blog and selfies is the most fun and adventure I have ever had while just sitting in my living room. Thanks for taking us along! We look forward to seeing you on our coast. Nothin’ but the best, Tom & Ellen

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