Day 67 : beyond the gap 

We woke up to 95% humidity with a high for the day of 80 degrees – that just sounds like fun! 

Ride profile and map:

In total we gained 4,882 feet in 67 miles. 

The first climb was Brandon Gap with  a 12% grade. This song came on as we rode up – perfect timing:

As we paused at the top and took pictures another cyclist rode up from the east side (the easier side, 9%) and said ‘good climb, woah and with those bikes that’s a work out. You rode the harder side too’ 

Did we mention he was on a fully decked out specialized s-works road bike? After that we went on to the 12 mile DOWNHILL!!

Lunch in Bethel at a sandwich shop. A few more steep hills, a pint of ice cream, and we crossed into New Hampshire. BUT THERE WAS NO SIGN. A night in Lyme and more climbing tomorrow. Cheers!

Caption for above : who needs a spoon anyways?

The carton is worth a read:

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