Day 63 : two familiar faces & a van

We started off strong today with our bellies full of waffles at the lodge’s continental breakfast. This morning was the coldest with temperatures near 35 degrees. We will be shopping for warm weather gear tomorrow!

At 7:30am we left the lodge with every layer we own on and still freezing. We rode to the nearest gas station 15 miles away were we had coffee and packaged donuts. 20 miles later we arrived to Inlet, NY where we waited forever for…. David & Ashley. Don’t worry, we will return to the same spot on Sunday for our last 9 days.  Rest day tomorrow in Vermont!

Our trip from a different perspective:

“They looked grungier than we remembered them from July. We flashed our headlights to signal it was us, and not one of the numerous other vans mindlessly cruising the upstate NY secondary highway system. With nine riding days left, these newlyweds are sharing trials, solutions, and celebrations, laughing a lot together. Despite the rude shocks and roadside slings and arrows, these two are more in love than ever. But a little tired of too many cars and too-small shoulders.”

“Riding into Vermont with their bikes stuffed in the back of the van, Winona is convinced that there’s a rattlesnake (“what else sounds like that?”) among the gear, wheels, panniers…. Clearly the roughly 60 riding days have taken more than just a physical toll.”


One thought on “Day 63 : two familiar faces & a van

  1. Yay! So great to see you all together again! Nice new persective too from your Dad (and Dad-in-law!!). On to New England!! Enjoy the colors and the break. Love you all!

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