Day 62: the day after 

While Winona is recovering we have to keep pressing on through the home stretch. This morning, at 8am, we left the Lighthouse with our gloves and almost every other layer, it was chilly (40 degrees!). 

We rode past the construction zone Winona took the spill on and 5 miles later she asked ‘did we pass the construction already?’ yes, 5 miles ago!’ Winona totally forgot where she fell. After riding miserable loose gravel roads we stopped for lunch at a market 6 miles before Boonville.

We asked the lady who made our sandwiches about the upcoming roads and she said ‘highway 294 is crappy and full of trash trucks’ ‘okay, great thanks!’

While we were sitting outside, post sandwiches, enjoying some iced tea, a man approaches to chat about the trip and told us Maine is a wonderful place. This is a very common response about Maine, hopefully it lives up to the hype. We also asked him about some upcoming roads and he was really helpful, he mentioned hwy 294 was crappy and a bit busy.

5 minutes later we rode off. The road was OK at first, then got really bad, downhill with shadows, lots of deep cracks, busy with dump trucks, speedy diesel trucks, and school buses. Surprise visitors tomorrow, stay tuned. 

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