Day 61 : Pulaski to Pulaski 

We woke up, packed the bikes, stalled because of rain, and finally left around 8:20. We took a few photos of the bikes with the Lighthouse and went on our way. 

We rode into Pulaski, through construction, and BAM Winona fell. She caught an edge on an uneven surface, fell on her right side, and flipped over the bike to scrape up her left. There was a rock stuck under the cut on her left knee, which we tried to dig out for 20 minutes on the side of the road and finally went to the hospital. We rode a few blocks over to the one and only medical center. Dr. Bill ordered an X-ray.

Pink circle to show how big the rock was in the X-ray. We asked if we could take a picture of the X-ray but it’s illegal to take photos of X-rays, apparently. After ‘surgery’, Winona got a stich. During the rock removal, a nurse came in to get Dr. Bill where he told her he was in surgery and was going to need more time because he was ‘having fun’ – HA. 

After this ordeal, one antibiotic prescription pickup later, and 3+ hours, at noon, we ate lunch and checked the radar. It was about to pour. 

Option 1 : ride in the rain with Winona’s knee just after ‘surgery’ 

Option 2 : call Abe, see if the Lighthouse was available 

We opted for option 2. As we were riding back to the Lighthouse, two dogs chased us the final 0.3 miles, just icing on the cake. So here we are, at the Lighhouse, 10 miles later. 

6 thoughts on “Day 61 : Pulaski to Pulaski 

  1. Bummer, but not a trip ending injury. Glad you opted for #2. Cheers to a fast recovery and a better day tomorrow. At least you’re both still smiling😃❤️

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