Day 6 : first flat!

Another long one, about 90 miles from Quartzsite to Wickenburg. It was basically all uphill with a headwind the entire way. We started around 5am and watched the sunrise again!
The first 10 miles were on the freeway, which still sucked, but the remaining were on a pretty large shoulder with annoying bumps every 5 feet causing us to ride on the road most of the way. 

On our way we went through a town called Hope and saw this great sign just past the town:

After lunch in Aguila (which included our staples of Coke and ice cream) we climbed a bit more and finally descended 3 miles into Wickenburg! 

2 miles from our hotel Sergio noticed something in his tire and yelled ‘let’s hurry before I get a flat.’ This method did not work and we pulled over shortly after. Our first flat! We pulled over in the shade and he changed the tire in 13 minutes. The entire time Sergio kept saying ‘I fix tire’ in a weird accent. Changing the tire took less time than the snickers mocha shake Winona ordered from the coffee shop whose shade we borrowed. Onward! 

We arrived to the hotel with a room next to the ice machine – score! Mexican & brews for dinner. 


7 thoughts on “Day 6 : first flat!

  1. Sounds better than a date shake!! Bummer about the flat. I only got one in seven weeks while in Europe. Maybe you are good for the entire trip.

  2. That was some nice ballet tire changing moves… The weird accent was probably some Italian opera to go with the ballet.
    You guys now qualify for the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers…Arizona chapter!

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