Day 57 : first finger

We woke up early but enjoyed having a house all to ourselves (and NY wine the night before) so we had another late start. Once all the coffee, oatmeal, and toast was gone, and the bikes were packed it was 8:20am. We rode 63 miles to Hammondsport, on Lake Keuka, the first of the finger lakes. 

In total we climbed 3,747 feet, mostly in the first 30 miles. The hills here are mild, but longer compared to Missouri. 

This is documentation of Winona beating Sergio to the top:

We stopped in Dansville (mile 26) for coffee and pastries. (Finally real espresso!)

After mile 30 we hit a huge headwind (we always seem to be going the wrong direction for a tailwind). We had burgers and ice cream for lunch, around 2:30. The final miles were quick because they were downhill. Hammondsport is so busy we had to book two nights to get any hotel! Rest day tomorrow, hopefully spent on the lake. For now, beers at Finger Lakes Beer Company. 

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