Day 56 : empire state of mind 

Another late start around 8am… Seems to be happening more often than not these days. We crossed into New York almost immediately. 

After we took that picture, it started raining! We rode in the rain for about 30 minutes. 

Mile 20ish we came to these signs:

We rolled the dice and continued on. We were able to get through but not without a few dog chases. This rode was not in the best condition with tons of potholes and a lot of dirt. 

Garmin always tries to take us on shortcuts and so we took one today to save 10 miles; it was a steep dirt muddy road. Winona was doing good until she saw Sergio slow down on the downhill. This is his signal for ‘get off your bike’ so Winona walked 100 feet down the hill. 

We finally arrived at Portageville Letchworth State Park entrance and it was closed. After 80 miles this is not the sign we wanted to see. We tried going through this closed rode and failed. We turned around and rode to the other entrance, at Sergio’s dismay. 

Letchworth is absolutely beautiful! In total we rode 87 miles. 

After dinner, which included New York wine, we walked down to Middle Falls. 


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