Day 55 : dodging the rain

We both were suddenly awaken to the sound of rain hitting the window, it sounded like someone was shooting BB’s at the window. This was followed by hours of thunder. Needless to say neither of us slept well. 

Late start at 8:20 for our 38 mile ride to Red Oak Campground (still in PA) near Allegheny Reservoir. We climbed 3,150 in about 100% humidity and certainly sweated our fair share. 

Along the way we rode through what appears to be Amish country, lots of horse and buggys, the very distinctive beard and outfits. The countryside has changed and it’s so pretty! Also the leaves are starting to change, just a hint of fall, except the weather. 

2 thoughts on “Day 55 : dodging the rain

  1. Isn’t humidity something? So glad we don’t have it here. If this blog had a thumbs up, I would hit it every day!! Keep on rockin!

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