Day 53 : erie lake riding

We rode 54 miles to Geneva-on-the-lake, OH. Initially we rode through downtown Cleveland with a wonderful cloud display. Downtown was busy but the traffic was very manageable. Heading out of downtown we rode through all the neighborhood types, again. 

In one of the nicer areas, part of the road was closed due to a bridge repair. We stopped to chat with someone walking and told him our detour plans which included going through East Cleveland. He urged us to take our chances with trying to cross the closed bridge over riding through East Cleveland. We asked the construction workers, who finally let us through and said ‘you can only cross one time’. Fine with us. 

After that excitement we rode on several bike paths, bike lanes, and bike streets. 

We stopped for lunch at a grocery store and then rode through Geneva State Park.  

We’re enjoying beers by the lake. Cheers!

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