Day 52 : exploring Cleveland 

7:30am start from the Meisler’s ice cream castle. It was sad to leave but the morning was perfect riding weather! We’re so thankful for their hospitality & we can’t wait to come back! 

We cut across the Edison Bridge on Route 2 to save us 20 miles (or 2 riding hours). About 1/2 a mile from our exit a state trooper pulled us over. He explained no bikes are allowed on Route 2 and gave us a warning. We explained it was a 20 mile shortcut. 

After avoiding arrest, we rode on many roads along Lake Erie, including a bike path which we haven’t seen since Day 1. 

We stopped at Chipotle for lunch, which was very disappointing. 

After lunch we rode the final 20 miles to downtown Cleveland. It was very fun to ride through all the neighborhoods – from transitional to ‘the projects’ to wealthy. There was also an air show which we saw from the hotel room window. After attempting to buy Cleveland Indian tickets and failing we’re currently eating burgers. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Day 52 : exploring Cleveland 

    1. So awesome guys! Im in Cleveland today too! Went to the airshow with my girlfriend KK and her family. Hope you’re having fun!

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