Day 49 : oHIo

94 fight-for-each-pedal-stroke miles from Fort Wayne, IN to Findlay, OH. It was so windy, we had a head and/or cross wind the entire day.

We made it to Ohio but because we were on back roads, there was no sign! Mexican for dinner. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Day 49 : oHIo

  1. I don’t think you’ll have any elevation gain in this state. Amazing to think you’ll be in upstate NY soon after cutting thru the corner of Pa. I’m also sure there are more beer options than when we met your mom and dad there on their ride…Not just Utica Club and Genesse Cream Ale!!!

  2. I was born in OHIo! You will have to tell me how it is, left when I was 2. You are Mr and Mrs. SUPERMAN riding 94 miles in a head wind with packs!! We my biked over 9. 5 miles today with 1,000 ft elevation gain and I am exhausted!! Make sure you are stopping to smell the flowers!!

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