Day 48 : Indiana wins!

We rode the 65 miles from Logansport, IN to Fort Wayne, IN with a solid headwind. Our average mph was about 11.5. 

We stopped at Huntington, IN for lunch – such a cute little American town. 

We stopped at Nick’s Kitchen for lunch. Several people chatted with us about our trip, one man told us all about his love for Maine, especially Bar Harbor. As we were about to leave, we found out he paid for our meal! So nice and we didn’t even get to properly thank him (we found out after he left). 

We rode the final miles to Fort Wayne & are celebrating with beer at Junk Ditch Brewing! 


4 thoughts on “Day 48 : Indiana wins!

  1. I am very much enjoying your journey. Your Grandma gave me your blog. Amazing what you are doing. I am in awe! Elaine King, long time friend of Corky!

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