Day 47 : IN [&] EST

On the road at 6:35 for our 93 mile ride to Logansport, IN. We rode on country roads for the first part and had a pretty cloud display for sunrise. 

Then we crossed into Indiana, finally! The sign was so far from the road. 

We’re beginning to see more trees which means more shade! 

A few miles past the border we also changed to EST, our final timezone. After several more miles and lunch in Reynolds we made it to Logansport! 

As we were going through the town, two kids followed us, and they kept instigating Sergio to a sprint race. Sergio finally participated in the friendly race, winning, obviously. At the end of it, the kids asked ‘what’s with the bags?’ Sergio replied with ‘we’re traveling to Maine!’ The kid in front pulled out his phone and snapchatted his friends to tell them what we’re up too and that they just raced us. School is out, apparently…

Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner & Walmart for a resupply. 

When we left for this trip, we left Pepper with Winona’s mom. We requested a proof of life photo, and, she is still alive as of yesterday! Horray!

Onward tomorrow! Cheers!

One thought on “Day 47 : IN [&] EST

  1. Wow! Nice country road. What I want to know is: Did you eat all of that food in the video? That looks to be humanly impossible.
    Also, you guys are amazing! Ride on Bucky!

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