Day 46: rain delay, flats, still in IL

We woke up early today, got ready, went outside and it was raining. Luckily we didn’t check out of our hotel so we dug out our rain gear and waited an hour and another hour, and another, then it was second breakfast time. McDonald’s.

 At 11am we checked out and decided to go for it, not the 84 miles we planned but 56 to Gilman instead (so we’re still in Illinois). 

22 miles to Gilman Sergio got a flat, his front. This is number 11, second front, and 12 total for the trip. While we (mostly Sergio) changed the tire, a dump truck headed west, passed us and then screeched to a hault. He proceeded to reverse as fast as possible dodging cars going both ways. He made it back to us and yelled ‘you guys okay? I just want to make sure you guys are okay.’ We smiled, said yes, and both went on our way. 

Dinner at a truck stop with cherry pie for dessert. Cheers!

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