Day 44 : racing the rain 

This morning we woke up and rode to the nearest gas station for generous helpings of homemade donuts and RedBull. 

Today we rode 79 miles, from Nauvoo to Galesburg,we stopped for lunch at mile 60. We had Mexican which is weird because we haven’t seen Hispanics or Mexican food since Texas. We both inhaled “VERY HUGE ” burritos – as the menu described them – and we rode the last 18 miles.  

The last 18 miles we got into a race, with the rain. We saw dark clouds and heard thunder. Sergio yelled “the storm is coming” with urgency, but Winona strolled along until she saw lightening. We booked it and rode the final 18 miles in under 1:15. 

Showered and dry we looked out the window to this scene:

We’re celebrating with more Mexican food (and Starbucks – thanks to Marissa, again!!!). 

2 thoughts on “Day 44 : racing the rain 

  1. Nice trucker tan on Sergio’s arms! Don’t get hooked on this type of food you are eating (sans the Mexican of course!) Donuts, Red Bull and Mickey D’s?? Is that the only type of food they have in the mid-west? Only you two can pull off a diet like that – lucky you!!

  2. So exciting to read your blog! Wow what an adventure! We met you two at the Mexican restaurant in Galesburg! (Birthday girl). Keep up the pace and stay strong! Kudos to you both

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