Day 41 : more Mi-zur-uhh

We rode 65 miles to Troy, MO this morning with 3,520 elevation gain & we’re about ready to be done with this state. Cars are impatient and blow diesel fumes in your face. The roads are steep. There are restaurants that still allow smoking. Our friends left. It’s humid. It’s hot. The roads are in bad shape. No one waves in cars or chats at gas stations. The food is all fried and unhealthy. It’s nearly impossible to find sparkling water. There are absolutely no sidewalks. The list goes on. Current mood: missing California. 

These past few days have not been the most ideal riding but we’re trying to stay positive and get past it. There was actually a warning sign for a steep hill, this is new!

We crossed the Missouri River today, it is so much larger than the rest of the rivers we’ve crossed. 

Here’s to fried mac & cheese!

3 thoughts on “Day 41 : more Mi-zur-uhh

  1. Soon cometh the flat(ter) prairie states, beyond the Father of Waters. And … maybe … better food and friendlier folks!

  2. Guess you can cross MO off your bucket list and add it to your Fu… list! Sounds like the stories I have always heard of the “heartland” keep on keeping on! We are living vicariously thru you!!

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