Day 4 : farms, sanddunes, & desserts

Long day today! About 86 miles from Brawley to Blythe. We had to carry water so the bikes were extra heavy. We started around 4:30am, with the farmers, and watched the sunrise from our bikes. 

After meandering through farm land we rode through sanddunes:

After that we kept riding….. And stopped at a ranch for shade where Winona took a mini nap and we found free ice! (It said 118 on the Garmin)

Note: Sergio spotted a rattlesnake skin at the ranch which kept the bike party moving along nicely

We took a final stop in Palo Verde at Wheelie’s where we had ice cream and Coke.  

That sugar rush got us through the final hot 20 miles and finally we arrived to Blythe. And our Skratch order arrived (thank gosh!):

Cheers! W&S

Note from Winona: anyone that knows me knows I like really cold water at the end of my shower, especially after a good workout. It has been so hot, that the water doesn’t get cold – just luke warm. It’s the worst! 

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