Day 38 & 39 : touring Mi-zur-uhh

We’ve had a fun two days visiting with Drew and Marissa in Missouri. Yesterday, day 38, we drove to St. Louis and toured the arch and Bud factory. 

Day 39, today, we went to St. Joe State Park to swim and rent canoes. Upon arriving we saw this sign – change of plans. 

We’re currently in ‘downtown’ Farmington shopping and drinking coffee. Next stop, crave zone at White Castle. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Day 38 & 39 : touring Mi-zur-uhh

  1. Did they tell you what it was in the water? It definitely looks safer to drink the beer. Enjoy your days off, and store up some body fat for the long prairie days ahead!

  2. Having a blast following your adventures:):) Word out on the street is that we’re moving to Southern California… Maybe we’ll see you in San Fran once you return from this awesome journey. Cheers you two!!!

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