Day 37 : owning the ozarks

We had a beautiful 88 mile ride from Eminence to Farmington, including another sunrise, with 6,927 elevation gain. Most of the elevation happened in the beginning of the ride with more steep, steep hills. 

Just in case you’re behind, we’ve ridden 6K+ elevation gain everyday for the past three days for a total of 19,991 or Mount Kilomanjaro (plus some). 

Quick lunch at McD’s and we rode the final flat(ish), windy 18 miles to Farmington. When we arrived at the hotel, we saw Marissa and Drew jumping for joy. Farmington marks the (estimated) halfway point. We’re so thankful and delighted they’re here to celebrate with us!

Example of steep hill (note: picture does not do hill justice)

Cheers to two days off!

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