Day 36 : give ‘er hell

“Give ‘er hell, give ‘er hell” as this guy shouted with dip, making a fist out of a huge pickup. Just after he yelled at us we ascended a 2 mile 12% climb. 

Early morning with a 5:20am start for our 108.4 mile ride to Eminence, MO. 

We gained 6,867 feet of elevation & rode in a mist for about an hour (no real rain yet). Clouds covered us for most of the day making today’s ride quite pleasant. 

We’re definitely in a different culture than SF with confederate flags & huge trucks. Happy to be at our B&B with a few Coors Lights. Thanks to Marissa & Drew for sponsoring! 


Side note: there is a Winona 11 miles away, sadly we won’t ride through it, but we did take a picture of the sign! No bikes in grass due to ticks. 

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