Day 34 : toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore 

We’re in Missouri! We started off this morning with another beautiful sunrise in 95% humidity. 

A few miles down the road, we saw this sign ‘road closed’:

We took the detour around & rode on! In total we rode 81 miles today, most of it in the clouds. 


We were chased into Missouri, our halfway state, by a dog but managed to stop for the sign. 

Winona won’t put the bikes in the grass as we have with the other signs because of ticks. Apparently if you go into the grass you’ll come out covered in deer ticks. This is also the reason we’re not camping. 

Just outside of Lamar we saw this sign:

Sergio made this his background image on his phone so he can remember. 


2 thoughts on “Day 34 : toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore 

  1. There are also chiggers in the grass. Not fun!! (Enjoying your blog – we are friends of Nanci and Chuck from Arizona/Bay Area)

  2. Yeah those ticks are really TINY and hard to see, unless you get 100 on you at one time—ugh—has happened to me–I agree, Winona, stay out of the grass!

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