Day 33 : long, hot, climby 

Early wake up this morning at 4:30. By the time we ate our regular breakfast (protein, yogurt, OJ) and got the bikes packed it was 5:34 and we started the 96.5 mile ride to Chanute, our final Kansas sleep.

Sunrise on point this morning:

In Eureka, 34 miles in, we ran into Todd & Liz, the bike tourists on the TransAmerica from yesterday, who were about to start their day and go to Chanute. We separated ways after they pulled into an “All Day Buffet” for breakfast.

After, we rode through Toronto which was sad and very rundown. 

In summary for the day, today’s ride was long, hot, and climby, as the title suggests. With 2,119ft of elevation gain we averaged 13.6mph & finished 96.5 miles in 7:04hrs. Kansas is definitely not flat and the humidity is in full swing. 

This is what downtown Chanute looks like:

The bugs here are constant & plentiful – this picture is standard after a ride:

2 thoughts on “Day 33 : long, hot, climby 

  1. Love your daily journals and photos! Great descriptive words. Who is the journalist and the photojournalists? Perhaps new careers?!!

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