Day 32 : Winona’s first flat, ride summary, things we’ve learned

We rode the 74 miles to El Dorado (pronounced El DoRADo) in 5:14 – here’s the ride profile. 

We rode on the TransAmerica route for a while and saw a lot of these signs:

And other bike tourists – Liz & Todd, you can find their blog here.  We met them as Sergio was fixing Winona’s flat, her first, caused by more tire wire. 

We didn’t have the correct cartridges, so Sergio pumped by hand while Winona chatted. 

After getting back on the road we had some windy final miles to El Dorado. We resupplied at Walmart. (Corona currently in hand!)

In total, we’ve completed 1,772 miles or 39% of our total ride. We have 515 miles or so until the halfway point in Missouri. 

What we’ve learned so far:

  • Keep mouth closed at all times
  • There is 10x more roadkill than you see from a car 
  • When you count miles, they go slower 
  • Semis are generally crazy drivers
  • Always scan for dogs
  • Eat every 30 minutes (6 miles or so)
  • Descents aren’t always downhills
  • Salt intake is key for hydration
  • Liquor laws don’t make sense 
  • Triple check all Garmin routes 
  • Using the outside ladies room (squatting) is very difficult on long days with sore legs 
  • DQ is in every small Texas town

2 thoughts on “Day 32 : Winona’s first flat, ride summary, things we’ve learned

    1. I love the things learned observations. Keep ‘er moving and as my friend Gary Milburn says, “Keep the rubber side down.”

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