Day 29 : dodge, city 

59 miles to Dodge City today with a mild headwind (8mph). We passed several wind turbines, all moving of course. The turbines are so huge!

A very common sign:

This video sums up our riding through Kansas so far:

At the gas station in Meade, we saw the family we were with last night (who also fed us after sharing beer) – what are the chances? We’re so thankful!

Mexican for dinner tonight, then lots of sleep – cheers to Saturday! 

3 thoughts on “Day 29 : dodge, city 

  1. Winona & Sergio, checking in on you guy’s from our new home in Peoria AZ. We enjoyed taking with you on our night stopover in Gallup, NM.

  2. I’m so glad y’all had a great ride! Stay safe! It was nice hanging out with you guys. The girls are excited they made it to the internet!

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