Day 26 : you packin’ heat?

57 miles to Borger after a resupply at Target. Lots and lots of grassland, cows, and corn. 

We stopped in Fritch for lunch at DQ. After briefly considering camping in Fritch, we decided to push 12 miles east to Borger since it was so hot (high 90’s). Note: all the locals kept insisting it was ‘not that hot’

While we were at Dairy Queen, waiting for our Oreo blizzards, we met some locals who prayed for us and talked about our trip. One gave us a gift card for dinner – score!

The last question they asked Sergio was “are you packin’ heat!?” We said no and laughed. Then he said ‘now y’all are really crazy’ and waved bye. 

5 thoughts on “Day 26 : you packin’ heat?

  1. Wow, I gave never been to the middle of the country but you have described it exactly as I picture it to be. Hopefully there will be lots of DQ’s on your route. Hope you are meeting lots of the folks in each area.

  2. I just put a little chrome 38 in the mail. Guns pretty much settle everything so you’ll be OK from here on out. Make sure you’re wearing’ proud though, so folks know who they’re dealing with… a couple of bikers, packing’ heat, from Califo…. no tell em you’re from Nevada.

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