Day 25 : Amarillo by evening 

Rode the 105 miles to Amarillo, Texas in 7:55. Mostly farmland with minimal climbing and so humid in the morning. 

Around mile 30, we continued on the I-40 frontage road we had been riding… And then it turned into dirt. The dirt was fine at first, then the rocks got bigger, the washboards appeared along with the wet deep sand. Not the ideal situation for a long day. We rode the 16 miles on dirt, cleaned out our shoes and continued into Texas – the forth state!

We stopped in Adrian for a soda and to take a few pictures at the Route 66 midpoint. 

Final highlight of the day was Cadillac Ranch! 

We made it to Amarillo, quick shower, and now beer!


4 thoughts on “Day 25 : Amarillo by evening 

  1. Wow, congratulations on getting to your 4th state! But be careful in Texas – they all carry guns and seem a bit crazy!! Love the title of this post and seeing the pics of Route 66. I could just feel those cold beers going down after riding 8 frickin hours in hotness!! You two are animals!!

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