Day 20 : unfriendly bike city = Santa Fe 

No flats this morning – win! On the road at 7am for our 64 mile ride from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. We rode 27 miles through Albuquerque and up NM313. 

Just before we rode on I-25, we had huge breakfast burritos at The Range Cafe in Bernalillo. Then on I-25 for 27 miles, the most miserable freeway riding ever, with no shoulder – several oversize ‘loads’ (i.e. houses) passed us leaving Winona screaming ‘F-you’. After exiting the freeway, we napped for a bit on gravel in the shade. 

We rode the final miles (uphill, as was the entire day) to downtown Santa Fe. (Sergio was wondering why we couldn’t keep up a 12mph pace and then realized we were going uphill)

After getting access to the wrong room, we finally got to our room, and surprise, champagne was waiting! We have the best friends! Thank you Marissa and Drew!!

​After imbibing in champagne we took our bikes in for work (new tires & tune). 

Getting to the bike shop was an adventure, we ordered an uberx (an suv) and the driver said there was ‘no room for our bikes’ – onto plan B, ask a rando in a truck. Chris Sandoval (which we didn’t figure out his last name until he dropped us off) came to our rescue and drove us there. We’re so thankful and appreciative of his help! 

After successfully dropping off our bikes, we’re onto margaritas! Thanks to Bill and Cheryl we enjoyed a deluctable dinner at The Shed. 

Rest day tomorrow! Thanks for reading and all the support – we love you! 

6 thoughts on “Day 20 : unfriendly bike city = Santa Fe 

  1. Just talked with Peter at Olympic Bike Shop and he said one of his employees and dad rode across the country and had 50 flats each! Said they are due to the small pieces of steel wires on the highways that come from the big truck tire blowouts. He said their flats diminished dramatically when they took smaller side roads. He says the weight of the bike/rider have all to do with the wires pushing up into the tires. Sounds like the same pieces of wires that Sergio found! Back roads only here we come!!

  2. AWESOME… there is absolutely nothing like riding a bike across the country and seeing her “from 5 feet away”.

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