Day 18 : tiny continental divide (7882ft)

Leisurely morning (woke up around 8) eating oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, and finally getting on the road around 920am. 

Off we went to climb up the continental divide. With 300 feet left to the top, Sergio got a flat. ​​​

Finally, we made it!

Total mileage was 46 from El Morro to Grants, NM, a town which neither of us care for. 

Celebrating with Happy Camper IPA, Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Day 18 : tiny continental divide (7882ft)

  1. Was that thing in his tire the cause of other flats? He has the patience of a saint to change all those flats in scorching temps.
    How cute and photogenic to wear the same outfits!! Cheers!!

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