Day 16 : still no beer 

Late start today, around 8:30, for our 28 mile ride from Window Rock to Gallup. First a detour to Window Rock, which the town is named after. We saw a few dogs on the way, who didn’t seem to care for us. 

Off to Gallup and we saw this sign – New Mexico – our third state!

In Gallup, we ate Cracker Barrel for lunch. 

Also, we’re staying next to a Walmart so we replenished our food supply and bought axe body spray for the stray dogs (because they don’t sell pepper spray). 

Lastly, the Indian reservations don’t sell alcohol and apparently neither does Walmart on Sunday…. day 5 without beer!

5 thoughts on “Day 16 : still no beer 

  1. Careful you don’t become teetotalers. Better fall off that particular wagon real soon! (Get ready for some weird Midwestern liquor laws.)

  2. PS Wal-Mart in Reno sells pepper spray, over near the gun aisle. But I don’t think we can send it US Mail (or fly with it).

  3. W & S…just catching up on your first couple of weeks on the road.
    Enjoying every photo, video, and thought.
    See you in the Adirondacks!!!

  4. Well, you can survive without beer. I know it sounds preposterous but, well, you can substitute Caucasians… you know, like “Hey man, there’s a BEVERAGE here!!” Carry on, say high to Jim Chee there on the Res.

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