Day 15 : need pepper spray! 

6am start for our 98 mile ride from Second Mesa to Window Rock. 

Initially about 12 dogs chased us out of Second Mesa. This trend followed through First Mesa where Winona was inches away from getting bit. We stopped at a police station shortly after to get pepper spray, but they didn’t have any. So we rode on…

With wild horses….

And up…

About 20 miles from Window Rock we pulled over to refill our water and a car pulled over to offer us cold water – a first!

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut for dinner because every other restaurant closed at 6pm. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Day 15 : need pepper spray! 

  1. I know water is precious for you, but I have squirted my water bottle at attacking dogs. Hopefully you will be out of dog area soon!! Keep on truckin!!

  2. I love following your adventure. We met at your 1st stop at the fruit stand. That is awesome that you both saw wild horses. Cheers. Cant wait to read more of your adventures.

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