Day 12 : ‘the scenic route’

5am kisses from Pepper & 6am we’re in route to Cameron. First a quick obligatory stop at Winona road:

Shortly after Winona road, an AZRA bus full of people off to raft the Grand Canyon passed us. Funny thing, Winona was wearing the same shirt on the first day of the Grand Canyon as today! Bright pink, of course. 

June 2013 (below Sergio):


Yesterday Sergio mapped the loop including Sunset Crater as an extra 9 miles, easy! Turns out, it was an extra 20 with some added elevation…

2 miles from Cameron, Sergio got another flat – number 5! Overall 75 miles with 2.8K of ascent. 

Navajo tacos for dinner:


5 thoughts on “Day 12 : ‘the scenic route’

  1. Hi there,
    Weve been so enjoying seeing and hearing about your adventure!! So glad you two are enjoying! Looks gorgeous today!
    Toni and Gerald

  2. Gosh the folks on the AZRA bus look hotly familiar, fun! Why so many flats do you think? Too heavy a load? Skies and scenery look beautiful. Enjoy the journey!!

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