An excerpt from Bicycling Across America by David Fenimore:

April 16, 1986
Day 1
51.5 miles
“We suited up and descended rolling terrain another ten miles, the last few in the dark, to Lake Henshaw, where we camped among the recreational vehicles. Our legs were so sore we could only walk sideways, like crabs, to the heated restrooms.” 

Nanci & David 1986 – Day 1

 Winona’s parents, above, rode across the country in 1986. For us, after being together for 10 years, the idea of spending a week on a tropical island beach wasn’t in the cards. Once the idea of replicating this trip was in our mind, it didn’t leave, so here we are, en route to San Diego. 

Our plan is to follow their route -> same stops, same roads, different gear. 

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